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About Us

Stronger Arizona is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization focused on educating and engaging Arizonans around the issues that have the most impact on their lives – not the most likes on Twitter. But unfortunately, it seems like many of today’s leaders don’t agree. They seem to be more interested in getting the most retweets as opposed to passing lasting public policy. It’s time for that to change.

Our Mission

Stronger Arizona is going to cut through political grandstanding and self-serving agendas, and instead provide Arizonans with the knowledge necessary for them to have a deeper understanding of how key policies are positively impacting their lives. And as part of that core mission, we will underscore why supporting visionary leadership through civic participation is so important to our future.  

Stronger Arizona truly believes most Arizonans are tired of hearing about the latest hyped-up wedge issue that is created as clickbait. They would rather learn about the real issues affecting their real lives, issues such as infrastructure, water, commonsense economic policy, seniors’ quality of life, and public safety.   

We need your help. Share your contact information below to learn more and help us build a Stronger Arizona! 

Funds donated to Stronger Arizona are not deductible as charitable donations under federal tax law.

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